Privacy Policy

We take privacy seriously. We don’t sell your data to anyone. Your trust runs this service, and we’re committed to earning and maintaining that trust.

We respect the privacy of you, the user of the service called Laurels.

This policy explains what we do with your information on Laurels. If you don't like these terms, please don't access Laurels. We may change these terms occasionally, but we'll let you know when we do.

We collect a lot of information on this site, including all the data you give us, plus a lot of usage data. We also use cookies and website analytics trackers. Our systems hold a lot of your data.

We only use this data to provide our service.

We don't disclose this data to anyone else, except when required to by law or when we need to for technical reasons related to making the service function. We don’t sell your data to third parties.

We try hard, technically and operationally, to keep your data safe.

We use a variety of third party services to deliver Laurels.

  • We use Amazon Web Services for hosting and storage. All Laurels user data is held there (but not visitor data).

  • We use Cloudinary for media hosting and serving. All Laurels user media (like images) is held there.

  • We use Fathom Analytics for website analytics. Anonymized website visitor data is held there.

  • We use Mixpanel for analytics to improve the service and Intercom and HubSpot to help provide customer support; these services hold personal information like name and email, as well as usage data.

  • We use hCaptcha to prevent spam on the platform.

If you're under 18, please don't use this service at all.

If you ever want to erase your data or know anything about how it has been used, please ask at We'll do everything we can reasonably do, under the limits and requirements of the law, to respond appropriately.