About Laurels

At Laurels, we’re building the collaboration platform for the purpose economy.

Our platform connects nonprofits and volunteer professionals to complete discrete, high-impact, online projects in 20 minutes or less. Beyond the satisfaction of giving back, volunteers also get to participate in a vibrant community that recognizes their unique skills and contributions.

Nonprofits use Laurels to crowdsource expert help for a variety of challenges, from web design to copywriting and more. Unlike other volunteering platforms, Laurels is 100% online, social-first, and designed from the ground up for today’s digital native.

Why it matters

We’re on a mission to modernize civic engagement, allowing everyone to make a difference with their best skills on their own time. And by making it easier for everyone to pitch in, we’re turbocharging the impact of the purpose economy.

In the US, 80 million people volunteer over 7 billion hours each year to civic causes, but online civic engagement is mainly limited to hashtags and small donations. We believe that the internet should make it easier to help causes that we care about, not just talk about them.

Today’s nonprofits need support, and creative professionals have valuable skills to volunteer. But without a natural connection, they’ll never meet. So, we built Laurels to be that bridge. And it’s 100% free to use.

Still curious?

Learn more about Laurels, our community, and our mission.

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