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Laurels makes it easy for senior teams of digital professionals to help you improve your website, social media, and more.

Let us get you started right away with free, expert help for your nonprofit's most pressing digital needs.

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Annie Chou
I’m a Boston-based copywriter specializing in web and email copywriting.
Salma Villa
Web designer
10-year career designing websites and mobile applications.

Here’s how it works

  1. Work with the Laurels team to break your “we’ll get to it one day!” projects into briefs that teams can tackle efficiently.

    Copy edit our upcoming email sequence
    Treeleaf Foundation
    Join challenge!
    Give expert feedback on our home page design
    Treeleaf Foundation
    Join challenge!
    Give us feedback on our new social content calendar
    Paws for a Cause
    Join challenge!
  2. We match your needs with appropriate individuals and teams that want to help.

    Marc Delano
    Digital creative
    I do innovative design work for leading brands.
    Annie Chou
    I’m a Boston-based copywriter specializing in web and email copywriting.
  3. You get professional responses via collaborative docs you are already familiar with, like Google Docs or Figma files.

    Homepage Copy Edits
    Marc Delano

    I broke down the page into 4 key sections, and gave my comments in detail about each section.

    Hopefully, It should be pretty straightforward to take this information and pass it along to a designer.

    Instagram Post Graphics v1
    Annie Chou

What kind of help can you get?

Laurels is designed to enable high-quality, high-impact contributions from skilled volunteer professionals. We’re currently focused on marketing and creative challenges.

Digital audits

Get professional evaluations of your social media, website, SEO, or email marketing.

Understand where you are relative to best practices, and prioritize areas for improvement.

You can expect:

A detailed report in 4–5 weeks.


Generate professional ideas for an upcoming campaign.

Jumpstart a creative process and generate concrete suggestions for your team or vendors.

You can expect:

Multiple concept briefs in 3–5 weeks


Generate specific content assets like social media graphics, email copy, and blog posts.

Brainstorm new creative approaches, and speed up your time to publishing.

You can expect:

A variety of creative assets within 2–4 weeks.


Improve your existing assets (blog posts, vendor briefs, design drafts, etc.) before publication.

Get a professional "second set of eyes" or clean up any piece of writing or design.

You can expect:

Revised content within a few weeks.


Do a deep dive into a strategic or creative topic.

Learn what other nonprofits are doing in the market, or get professional evaluations of tools and resources.

You can expect:

A thoughtful report within 3–5 weeks.

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