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We're a new online platform for pro bono work outside of just legal. By crafting substantive work into short, remote-friendly sessions, we're making it possible for any professional to support causes they care about — and for worthy nonprofits to drive even more impact.

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What is Laurels?

A new kind of pro bono for professionals outside of just legal.

Laurels is an online platform for substantive pro bono work outside of legal, and starting with marketing and creative work. We partner with local nonprofits, translating their needs into briefs that skilled professionals can solve in one sitting. Then we enable that work with elegant software and rewarding experiences.

What is the purpose of Laurels?

To deepen the connection between civil society and the corporate world.

As professionals, we have lots to offer the nonprofits trying to improve our society. But a lack of innovation has to led to lowest-common-denominator corporate volunteering. We want to do more, because we all want a better world.

How does Laurels work?

We make doing good work as easy as responding to an email.

We partner with select community-based nonprofits to shape their marketing needs into short (20-30 minute) mini-projects called challenges. Then we invite skilled marketers to help solve those challenges online in their spare time — and make the world a better place.

Who are the nonprofits on Laurels?

Carefully-vetted, community-based nonprofits in the U.S.

Community-based nonprofits are critical to a well-functioning society. We work hard to identify high-impact, local groups that are worthy of our users' time and experience, and we work closely with them to help them get the most out of Laurels. We organize nonprofits by location and cause area, in order to help align them with the interests of our users.

Who are the professionals on Laurels?

Full-time, highly skilled marketing professionals.

Most experienced professionals know a few things so well that their friends use them as a resource — emailing them for a “second set of eyes” or some pithy advice. Laurels is a way for people to put these skills to greater use outside their direct professional or personal networks.

How does Laurels work with companies?

Companies join Laurels to establish year-round pro bono programs.

Leading law firms dedicate over 5% of their employees' valuable time to pro bono work. Why? Because teams that find purpose at the office are happier, more productive, and more loyal. Laurels makes substantive pro bono possible at any type of firm.

Is Laurels free to use?


Our users offer their time on Laurels because they care about paying it forward, and we do not charge anything to nonprofits. We do offer enhanced features and services for corporate groups for an additional expense.

Who is behind Laurels?

A growing team of hope-filled entrepreneurs.

We are a global team of experienced builders, backed by world-class investors. While we've always made service an integral part of our spare time, we've now decided to make a difference in our days jobs too.

Can I get involved?


If you're interested in being part of the mission in any way, give Jeff a shout at

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