Frequently Asked Questions

We dream of a new kind of civic engagement. Our goal is to make it easy for everyday professionals to volunteer their time and expertise to worthy nonprofits — in small increments of time and from wherever they sit.

As always, feel free to reach out at

What is Laurels?

Volunteering reimagined for the digital world.

Laurels is an online social volunteering platform. We make it easy for anyone to support causes they care about by volunteering their time and expertise to worthy nonprofits via 20-minute micro-projects called challenges.

What is the purpose of Laurels?

To add participation to purpose — at scale.

Civic engagement is in many ways at an all-time high, but online, it’s hard to do more than post hashtags or make small donations. Laurels is designed to let anyone activate their most important skills to support worthy nonprofits, anytime and anywhere.

How does Laurels work?

Hopefully, quickly and easily :)

The Laurels team helps nonprofits identify and create challenges. Volunteers identify challenges they’d like to help with, then submit their work for the nonprofits to review. Nonprofits can work with as many volunteers as they wish, making it easy to triangulate results.

Who are the volunteers on Laurels?

Experienced professionals who want to pay it forward.

Most experienced professionals know a few things so well that their friends use them as a resource — emailing them for a “second set of eyes” or some pithy advice. Laurels is a way for people to put these skills to greater use outside their direct professional or personal networks.

Who are the organizations on Laurels?

Mostly nonprofits based in the US.

If you're a founder or executive at a nonprofit that's trying to improve the world, and you think thoughtful professionals can get behind your mission, you'll find help on Laurels. Join us today.

Is Laurels free to use?


Volunteers offer their their time on Laurels because they care about paying it forward.

Is Laurels confidential?


All conversations on Laurels happen in private between volunteers and nonprofits.

Is the advice I get on Laurels reliable?

Laurels is designed from the ground up to be a reliable resource.

All volunteers commit to sharing real-world credentials for nonprofits to validate. And when organizations get help from volunteers on Laurels, they can confidentially triangulate that help or advice against input from other volunteers.

Who is behind Laurels?

A growing team of hope-filled entrepreneurs.

We are a global team of experienced builders who have successfully built venture-backed knowledge networks and social platforms. While we've always made service an integral part of our free time, we've now decided to make a difference in our day jobs too.

Can I get involved?


If you're interested in being part of the mission in any way, give Jeff a shout at

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